Working with Wool

Working with Wool

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Working with Wool

Have the fleece over your eyes when it comes to the properties of different breeds of sheep, how to measure the quality of your flock’s fibres, and the various ways you can process it?  Join fibre farmers Christel Lanthier of Ferme Fiola Farm, and Anna Hunter of Longway Homestead for this up close and personal exploration of working with wool.

Hands-on: Participants will explore various fleeces, fibres, tools, and more.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor shelter on grass or pine-needle forest floor (not as pokey as it sounds). We can have a desk and chair available at the workshop space upon request in the event it is not accessible for a participant to sit on the ground or on a hay bale.


Day: Saturday - View full schedule (PDF)
Length: 1.5 Hour Session
Type: Hands-on


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