The Permabed System

The Permabed System

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

The Permabed System

Do you appreciate the principles of permaculture, yet also desire to run an efficient garden or market garden? Join Zach Loeks, of Edible Ecosystem Design and author of The Permaculture Market Garden, for this hands-on workshop that will walk you through how to set up turn land from any field into a Permabed (market) garden. Zach will take you through the different tools, techniques and tips needed to build your Permabed System. Learn how to get rid of current ground cover, create a garden bed layout, and build permanent garden beds from the ground up. Get Zach’s tried and true lessons on fertility management, bed prep, seeding, weeding and cover cropping. Dig your hands into some field work with demonstrations on seed bed preparation, BCS walk-behind tractor, and planting layout designs as you prep and build a model Permabed plot.

Hands-on: Participants who would like to may help out with preparing beds at various stages.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in a large garden on the farm. Or if there is inclement weather, under a shelter on the pine-needle forest floor (not as pokey as it sounds). We can have a desk and chair available upon request at the workshop space in the event it is not accessible for a participant to sit on the ground or on a hay bale.

Zach’s book – The Permaculture Market Garden



Day: Sunday - View full schedule (PDF)
Length: 3 Hour Session
Type: Hands-on


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