Permaculture Farm Design

Permaculture Farm Design

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Permaculture Farm Design

Are you on the verge of starting – or just settling into – your dream small farm or homestead?  Join Zach Loeks, of Edible Ecosystem Design, for a look at the process of designing a piece of land— and building up all the bits and pieces of a farm or homestead from scratch.  Including assessing the environmental, social and economic context of your farm and business. Best management requires organizing the land, business plan and all the infrastructure, gardens, orchard and the projects as as a whole.

Whether looking to buy new land or needing afresh perspective on how to integrate your current situation, Farm Design will broaden your whole farm management skills. This workshop is rich in infrastructure examples from farms of different scales, design management concepts and whole farm mapping techniques. With details from Zach’s farm and new book: The Permaculture Market Garden, this workshop goes deep into what it means to make your place from a property’s space.

Hands on: None. Presentation.

Accessibility:This workshop takes place in an outdoor event tent on mown grass pasture, with the usual suspects of event seating.


Zach’s book – The Permaculture Market Garden




Zach Loeks