Pastured Broilers

Pastured Broilers

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Pastured Broilers

Thinking of starting a meat-bird flock? Join Lydia Carpenter of Luna Field Farm to learn about managing broilers from the brooding stage to butchering. Lydia will share about brooding, pasturing, daily moves, feed requirements, predator protection, health issues, problem solving and general Q & A about raising meat chickens on pasture.

Hands-on: Limited. Presentation. Some materials and equipment will be passed around or available to explore.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor event tent on mown grass pasture, with the usual suspects of event seating.


Lydia Carpenter

Lydia Carpenter and her partner Wian Prinsloo run Luna Field Farm, a multi species grazing operation south of Belmont Manitoba. They currently run cattle, sheep, hogs and pastured poultry. Both Lydia and Wian are first generation farmers. They started farming together in 2011 with nominal savings and the opportunity to lease 80 acres of pasture. By 2014 they were both employed full time on the farm. After having moved the farm several times they have finally settled on a 160 acre place of their own where they rent additional grazing acres for their cattle