Nose to Tail – Paté & Bone Broth

Nose to Tail: Paté and Bone Broth

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Nose to Tail – Paté & Bone Broth

Maybe you’ve heard that purchasing a whole or part of an animal directly from farmers is one way to be frugal with your hard earned dollars. Are you interested in knowing how to put your money to work by using ALL the bits that come with this kind of purchase? In this workshop, traditional foods teacher Danielle Nykoluk will help transform your perspective from being frugal with your dollars to being fruitful in your kitchen. It’s not weird or awful – it’s offal! and it’s delicious, nourishing and in abundance. Join Danielle in transforming the age old dish of liver and onions into a delicious gourmet paté while you brew up some bone broth.

Hands-on: Participants will have opportunities to work together to help make the paté and bone broth, either at their own work stations, or up at the teacher work station.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in a garage-like shelter with a concrete floor. Participants will be at work stations with chair or stool seating. There will be at least one space in the front row with priority seating for any attendees using a wheelchair.


Danielle Nykoluk

Danielle is a firm believer in knowledge translation and empowering people to revive the skills of old. In her professional life she's an occupational therapist - a change agent, advocate, educator, and promoter of everyday independence. In her personal life she's passionate about interconnection and interdependence of nature and communities with a focus on food. Danielle loves growing food, sourcing food, cooking food, eating food and sharing food. It has been a natural symphony for her to combine her skills and passions through facilitating traditional food skills workshops where everyone gains knowledge, skills, and community. Danielle is also a certified Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen teacher and recently completed her Permaculture Design Certificate with the Kootenay Permacultre Institute in Winlaw, BC.