Natural Building 101

Natural Building 101

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Natural Building 101

Join natural building and civil engineer, Francesco Zurzolo of Elm Natural Building for a presentation on how to go about building or renovating a home and incorporating natural building techniques. Learn about planning and design considerations, permitting, cost estimation and construction staging.


Hands on: None. Presentation.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor event tent on mown grass pasture, with the usual suspects of event seating.


Francesco Zurzolo

Francesco Zurzolo of Elm Natural Building, is a civil engineer and natural builder who believes high-tech building performance and natural materials are a perfect fit. His natural building experience encompasses cob, timber frame, strawbale, and hempcrete. While most of the natural building world works in more temperate regions of the planet, Francesco is convinced that incorporating natural building techniques and materials in extreme climates, such as ours in Manitoba, is not only appropriate but in many cases, a significant improvement over conventional techniques.