Hügelkultur Guilds

Hugelkultur Perennial Guilds

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Hügelkultur Guilds

Interested in creating more of a closed-loop system and getting the most out of on-farm materials like tree-pruning debris, household compost and more? Join Zach Loeks, author of The Permaculture Market Garden, for this hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how a hügelkultur perennial guild might be the answer. Compost management can be a challenge on many properties or simply a hassle. Using a hügelkultur compost system, waste is placed to develop lantern raised beds, making good use of landscapes with poor soils, or sites with more rockiness or stoniness. Participate in the layout, design and management of a hügelkultur compost system and index guild, and learn how to apply it the system to multiple property scales. Zach will also share the use of these composts as raised beds for annual crops, perennial plantings and nursery stock.

Hands-on: Participants can help to create the hügelkultur perennial guild installation.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in a garden on the farm. In the case of inclement weather, it will take place under shelter on grass or pine-needle forest floor (not as pokey as it sounds). We can have a desk and chair available upon request at the workshop space in the event it is not accessible for a participant to sit on the ground or on a hay bale.


Zach’s book – The Permaculture Market Garden