Farming in the City

Farming in the City

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Farming in the City

Would you love to transform your yard into an urban homestead? Join Leanne Seniuk to learn how to make the most efficient use of your yard for food production. Get creative with your space and discover how to grow food in places that you’d never imagine possible, including options for those tough shady areas. With this knowledge in hand, Leann will walk you through a process of evaluating your own urban space and designing a plan to implement, that also takes rainwater collection into consideration. Bring photos and/or sketches of your space, and be ready to get creative in planning your dream farm in the city!

Hands-on: This workshop involves dreaming up and sketching out ideas for your urban homestead. We’ll provide paper, rulers, pencils, pencil crayons, and more.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor shelter on grass or pine-needle forest floor (not as pokey as it sounds). We can have a desk and chair available upon request at the workshop space in the event it is not accessible for a participant to sit on the ground or on a hay bale.


Leanne Seniuk

Leanne has been an urban farmer for over 20 years. She has a honed skill for growing produce in an urban setting. She is a Master Composter through Green Action Centre and uses her compositing skills to expand her garden yield. Leanne's garden and yard is also Canadian Wildlife Certified so it provides food for more than the humans in her life.