Colour your Homesteader World – Paint Night

Colour Your Homesteader World

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Colour your Homesteader World – Paint Night

Join Louise May, of Aurora Farm, for an evening of fun and creativity! We will work from some visual themes that reflects our deeply spiritual love of the land and skies that we inhabit here in the prairies. Louise will help you all the way and provide you with the colour palette that lets you customize your painting to fit perfectly with your home environment. What makes this paint night extra special is that you will also learn the natural paint method of egg tempera using all natural minerals, clays, pigments and plants. Eggs provided by Aurora Farm chickens, of course! All materials will be supplied including a canvas that you will take home.

Note: This workshop takes place Saturday evening; just in time for sunset. 6:30pm – 9:00pm (or longer if you’d like to stay and paint more)


Louise May

Louise is an amateur artist, historian, herbalist, fabric artist, animal-lover, gardener and activist. She makes her home at Aurora Farm in St. Norbert, Manitoba where she owns and co-operates at 160 acres mixed livestock and crop Aurora Farm. She has been active for over 30 years in various capacities at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, an historical, ecological and spiritually-significant site and non-profit organization. She is an avid life-long learner and loves to teach whenever the occasion arrises. Louise is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Architecture and has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Vermont College and has completed many extra-curricular programs including Permaculture Design Certificates, Mater Composter, Horse Reproduction, Bee-Keeping, Herbology, etc.