Beekeeping Hive Demo

Beekeeping Hive Demo

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Beekeeping Hive Demo

Lunchtime learning opportunity! 30 minute micro-workshop; one at 1:15 pm and again at 2:15 pm. Weather dependant.*

Honeybees are an amazing and sometimes intimidating addition to your DIY projects! Join Chris, of Beeproject Apiaries, for a hive opening and “meet-the-bees” demo! Participants will observe the opening of a beehive and the handling of bees and beekeeping tools. Includes a short discussion about what a beekeeper is looking for when inspecting his/her hive.

Note: Long sleeves and pants are recommended as well as long hair tied back. Provided the weather is a warm sunny day, a visit to beehives is a calm and magical experience. That said, those with known bee allergies will not be permitted at the hive site.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in a pasture field with grasses and other plants, a 5-15 minute walk over farmland with some bumps like anthills or chunkier areas as well as divots/ruts. It’s generally flat, but is pasture, not mown lawn.

* If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will refund this ticket.

Day: Saturday - View full schedule (PDF)
Length: 30 Minute Session
Type: Hands-on


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