Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Beekeeping 101

Do you currently have a hive, interested in getting a hive or just want to know more about bees? Chris, of Beeproject Apiaries, will cover the basic needs of honeybees, acquiring a colony, setting up an apiary, intro to honeybee diseases and pests, honey yields and extraction, and prepping a hive for winter. You will also learn about some of the key differences between urban and rural beekeeping considerations.

Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby that can be approached in a sustainable and fun way! An interactive presentation and handling beekeeping equipment will give participants a chance to get hands-on!

Participants will handle various tools to aid in their understanding of tasks and challenges of hobby beekeeping. You will also be equipped with a list of various resources available to assist in your continued learning and hopefully a greater appreciation for the amazing honeybee!

Hands-on: This is a presentation-style workshop, yet some participants may be asked to come up to the front to help!

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor event tent on mown grass pasture, with the usual suspects of event seating.


Christopher Kirouac

Chris loves sharing the wonder of honeybees with everyone he talks to! He is the founder and head beekeeper of Beeproject Apiaries, which began in 2009. Education, public engagement and sustainable beekeeping management has been their focus for the last 10 years. Beeproject sees rooftop and backyard beekeeping as a way to engage urbanites in discussions of sustainability and environmental protection. In 2016, beekeeping in Winnipeg's downtown became legal. These bylaw changes have allowed Beeproject to focus on maintaining and installing beehives for environmental and community minded organizations.