Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

DIY Homesteader Festival Workshop:

Backyard Chickens

Dreaming of waking up to urban-farm fresh eggs? Join seasoned hen and beekeeper Natalie Carreiro, of Bird & Bee Honey, for an up-close exploration of all you need to know to keep a small flock in the city. You’ll head over to the kids’ coop on the farm and learn the ins-and-outs of urban flock management, including how to prepare your coop, care for and protect your hens, and ensure you’re following city bylaws — or the risks involved if you choose not to follow them!

Note: This workshop is a scent-free space. Natalie has severe allergies to fragrances (synthetic + many essential oils), pets (dogs, cats, goats, horses) and could need medical attention when exposed to these triggers. The workshop is scheduled to take place outdoors, but please keep this in mind for the day – if the workshop moves indoors due to inclement weather, the effects will be compounded.

Hands-on: Participants will have opportunities to explore a working coop and meet the hens to aid in the learning experience.

Accessibility: This workshop takes place in an outdoor shelter on grass or pine-needle forest floor (not as pokey as it sounds). We will have a desk and chair available at the workshop space in the event it is not accessible for a participant to sit on the ground or on a hay bale. Participants will also walk over to the coop on the farm to use it as a basis for discussion on coop set-up, design, etc.


Natalie Carreiero

Natalie is passionate about urban hen keeping, beekeeping, gardening, and all things related to micro-farming and DIY. Natalie holds a Masters of Science from the University of Manitoba, specializing in child development, family systems, and wrote her thesis on the lived experiences of Winnipeg families who keep backyard hens. Natalie and her partner Eric own and operate Bird & Bee Honey. For the past 4 years, Natalie has hosted Intro to Backyard Chicken Keeping workshops at Fort Whyte Farms, and has supported many Winnipeggers in starting their very own micro flocks.