Fest Wishlist

We love producing this fest. From day one, we believed it to be a truly special event – with an amazing community. We believe that even more today. We’ve also realized that moving forward, we have to choose between running the fest so that others can learn new skills, or we can dig into our own homesteading projects like raising animals and growing food. It’s not possible for us to do both, as running the fest is quite literally a full-time job, between the two of us. On top of bill-paying-jobs and homeschooling. Even with our amazing team of volunteers.

But, rather than settling for one or the other, we’ve decided to trust in community and learn to be okay with asking for help! In this spirit, we’ve created this wish list that will help us to pull off the festival and free up some time to check an item or two off of our farm to-do list. A donation of a shed that can become a composting outhouse saves us hours of building time. A donation of a wood stove, or wood-chipper saves hours of kijiji-hunting. Plus, a lot of these items are just not in the fest budget, as we are still barely breaking even. These are simply some of the realities of this event, and we are optimistic for years to come. We’re still just a toddler of an event. Practically newborn.

Thanks for digging in with us and checking to see if you or anyone you know has any of these items collecting dust that could be donated – or loaned. We’d be happy to brush them off and pour new life into them!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated items for the 2019 fest – each item, and each of you are truly appreciated!


Preferably wood or metal

– These will be used for campers to cart their belongings to their campsites, and for parents, attendees, workshop teachers to use throughout the weekend.

Wish granted? Email us!

Picnic Tables

Any size and colour

– For Fest Food Lane, the Poplar & Pine Campground dining area, and the DIY Kids’ Area

– We can stabilize, sand, and stain/paint them!

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Wood Stoves or Cook Stoves

To code or not!

-Old wood or cook stoves that are not up to code, for outdoor use
– Large enough flat top surface for a couple of large pots for cooking demos
– Also looking for one that is to code for the Summer Kitchen workshop space

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Market Tents

good condition, 10 x 10

– For workshop demo booths

– For community activity station shelters

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Bike Wheels

good condition

– To be made into a DIY rickshaws/wagons for campers to brings supplies to and from the campground, and for general use on fest grounds

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Large Tarps

No holes

– For rain shelters as backup location for workshops that take place outside

– Also for dining areas for campers

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Small Buildings

In "meh" to good shape!

– Sheds, gazebos, quonsets, other outbuidings

– Small = transformed into composting toilet outhouses

– Medium = ticket or demo booth, first aid shelter, etc.

– Large = shelters for workshops

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Solar Panels

Various sizes, working condition

– Would be used for portable solar trailers, outhouse lighting, phone and walkie-talkie charging stations, and more for the fest grounds

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...


All shapes, sizes, colours...

– We’re working hard to set up loads of relaxing rest spaces for attendees and campers. This includes hanging hammocks around the festival grounds for rests between learning experiences!

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Straw Bales

Various sizes

– Small Square/Rectangular – for stage seating

– Larger for playing

– Various for permaculture workshop projects

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Old Hot Water Heater Tank

No holes in tank

– Your old junk can help us build a DIY solar hot water heater for the campground shower!

– We’ll also need reflective foil foam insulation & an old glass door

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...


working condition

– We’d like to have simple bikes available for volunteers & teachers to get where they need to be on time.

Wish granted? Thanks! Email us...

Large Camping Tents, Dining Tents

Those too big to actually stay warm ones...

– Large group sized camping and dining tents that can be placed in the campgrounds for little ones to play or nap in as needed, and possibly to provide some bug-free shade and rest areas around the fest grounds

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Wooden Wire Spools

For tables

– Big empty wooden wire spools that we can up-cycle into tables for folks to eat at and use as craft tables in the kids’ area. 

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Homesteading Books

Books or magazines you're not using anymore?

– Contribute to our fest weekend lending library – a great way for people to check out books they may want to add to their wish-list, or learn about a project or topic of interest over the weekend. 

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Door with Screen

32" x 82.5" opening / 30" x 80" door

– A door for the A-frame ticket booth/cottage – we are looking for something that fits with a vintage cottage look. Does not have to be insulated. An old wooden door, with a window and screen would be a dream.

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...


– Generators to power tools that are needed at locations away from sources of electricity and to power workshop venues, stage, etc.

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Metal Roofing

Old or new!

– To keep food vendors and workshop participants dry!

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...

Compost / Amendments

We're on 80% sand!

– We’re on 80% sand here with virtually no organic matter. This year, we’d love to have the kids & youth create a garden near the Summer Kitchen Workshop. The more compost, manure and other amendments we can add to the earth, the more we can grow with you!

Wish Granted? Thanks! Email us...