From the ground up: Volunteer. Build a movement. Join the community!

You’ve never been one to sit back and watch when something really great is taking shape. Or, you feel like this is your time to step forward.

You jump in with both feet. You dig in. You are energized by others who are ready to change the world, starting in their own backyard.

You are a change-maker in your own unique way, and because of that, you know you’ll be a perfect fit for the team…

Are you ready to be the roots of this grassroots movement?

Is this you? Let’s talk!

See below for volunteer crews and descriptions…

You’re passionate about community, the environment, and helping others reconnect with homestead skills. You’re a great leader, highly organized, and keen to become a core part of the fest planning team:

You’re into all the festival is about – community building, homesteading and farming, DIY, and more. You’re ready to dig in and join the fest family on one of the many crews that make it possible: