Thanks to Selkirk Home Hardware




While planning the 2019 fest, we had the pleasure of connecting with the owners of Selkirk Home Hardware, and working with them as the 2019 Plant Sponsor, which meant they were the official presenters of the event. It was great to connect with real people who own a small town hardware store, and have a passion for connecting their community with resources for learning and DIY.

Our first meeting with Rob and Krista seemed so serendipitous, as they were just finishing construction on Canada’s first in-store hands-on workshop classroom space. Their enthusiasm for community and learning is infectious, and embodies our heart of a homesteader manifesto!

Selkirk Home Hardware is full to the brim with homesteading supplies to help make your dreams of raising chickens, keeping bees, growing your own food, preserving your harvest, and building your urban or rural homestead come true.

Thanks to Selkirk Home Hardware, we were able to build, among other things, the A-frame Home Hardware Ticket & Tuck Shop that greeted you as you checked in!

We are so thankful to have partnered with them for the 2019 festival and that they’re a part of this community.