Aiden Enns

    Ashley Pharazyn

    Ashley Pharazyn is a holistic health coach and certified teacher of Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen who believes that food is medicine. Through her own healing journey Ashley has discovered fermented foods that can help heal and repair the body. Ashley teaches a variety of classes and workshops from sauerkraut to kombucha and enjoys inspiring people to get into their kitchens to create nourishing meals.

    Natalie Carreiero

    Natalie is passionate about urban hen keeping, beekeeping, gardening, and all things related to micro-farming and DIY. Natalie holds a Masters of Science from the University of Manitoba, specializing in child development, family systems, and wrote her thesis on the lived experiences of Winnipeg families who keep backyard hens. Natalie and her partner Eric own and operate Bird & Bee Honey. For the past 4 years, Natalie has hosted Intro to Backyard Chicken Keeping workshops at Fort Whyte Farms, and has supported many Winnipeggers in starting their very own micro flocks.

    Callen Froese

    Callen Froese is a Winnipeg visual artist who loves to brew kombucha! Aside from drawing, learning to making her own art mediums (inks/paper/dyes) and experimenting in the kitchen, she brews kombucha for herself and her friends. Callen believes that cultures are meant to be shared, and offers scobies, advice and zines to help novices begin their own brew.

    Carl Froese

    Carl is the owner of Manitoba Buckskin Wildlife Tanning. He has been practicing the art of all natural traditional brain/smoke tanning since 1996, making all natural brain-tanned buckskin leather using methods and processes that have been passed down for generations. Carl makes leather the way it has been made for thousands of years in our part of the world.

    Christel Lanthier

    Clint Pinder

    Clint grew up on a mixed beef and grain farm and was helping with firewood (whether he liked or not) as soon as he could carry a piece of split poplar. The farmhouse was heated by a big wood cook stove in the middle of the kitchen; efficiency was not its strong suit - but with a pasture full of trees, it kept the house warm. Flash forward 30 years and Clint now owns and operates Firewood Manitoba, supplying cut and split firewood for heating, cooking, recreational burning in wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits, saunas and hot tubs. He's passionate about heating sustainably using locally sourced timber and helping others do the same.

    Danielle Nykoluk

    Danielle is a firm believer in knowledge translation and empowering people to revive the skills of old. In her professional life she's an occupational therapist - a change agent, advocate, educator, and promoter of everyday independence. In her personal life she's passionate about interconnection and interdependence of nature and communities with a focus on food. Danielle loves growing food, sourcing food, cooking food, eating food and sharing food. It has been a natural symphony for her to combine her skills and passions through facilitating traditional food skills workshops where everyone gains knowledge, skills, and community. Danielle is also a certified Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen teacher and recently completed her Permaculture Design Certificate with the Kootenay Permacultre Institute in Winlaw, BC.

    Sandra Brown

    Sandra is a long time knitter and fiber artist of 35 years. Her alpaca adventure began 8 years ago when she and her family purchased a small acreage and 2 livestock guardian dogs. While it would seem that the dogs were the focus, they needed a job and the search for livestock began, with very little farming experience. Realizing that livestock options were limited on a small acreage, Sandra stumbled across an ad for alpacas and the dream of Enchanted Grove alpacas was born.

    Francesco Zurzolo

    Francesco Zurzolo of Elm Natural Building, is a civil engineer and natural builder who believes high-tech building performance and natural materials are a perfect fit. His natural building experience encompasses cob, timber frame, strawbale, and hempcrete. While most of the natural building world works in more temperate regions of the planet, Francesco is convinced that incorporating natural building techniques and materials in extreme climates, such as ours in Manitoba, is not only appropriate but in many cases, a significant improvement over conventional techniques.

    Tamara Klassen

    Tamara Klassen is a textile artist from Southern Manitoba. After learning to sew from her grandmother at a young age, she developed a love for textiles early on. Tamara explores natural dye techniques and textile practices from both home and abroad and has studied with artisans in places such as Peru, Mexico, and Laos. Her work reflects a modern perspective on traditional techniques, with a focus on using sustainable, natural materials and dyes. In addition to participating in several shows and selling her work in galleries across Manitoba, Tamara has been teaching workshops in textile arts since 2016.

    Christopher Kirouac

    Chris loves sharing the wonder of honeybees with everyone he talks to! He is the founder and head beekeeper of Beeproject Apiaries, which began in 2009. Education, public engagement and sustainable beekeeping management has been their focus for the last 10 years. Beeproject sees rooftop and backyard beekeeping as a way to engage urbanites in discussions of sustainability and environmental protection. In 2016, beekeeping in Winnipeg's downtown became legal. These bylaw changes have allowed Beeproject to focus on maintaining and installing beehives for environmental and community minded organizations.

    Louise May

    Louise is an amateur artist, historian, herbalist, fabric artist, animal-lover, gardener and activist. She makes her home at Aurora Farm in St. Norbert, Manitoba where she owns and co-operates at 160 acres mixed livestock and crop Aurora Farm. She has been active for over 30 years in various capacities at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, an historical, ecological and spiritually-significant site and non-profit organization. She is an avid life-long learner and loves to teach whenever the occasion arrises. Louise is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Architecture and has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Vermont College and has completed many extra-curricular programs including Permaculture Design Certificates, Mater Composter, Horse Reproduction, Bee-Keeping, Herbology, etc.

    Anna Hunter

    Anna Hunter is a first generation sheep farmer, living in Ste. Geneveive, Treaty One Territory. Along with her husband Luke and their two boys they have a growing flock of shetland sheep. Moving from Vancouver in 2015 with a passion for fibre arts, small-scale sustainable farming and slow-fashion they began a fibre farm with the intention of growing and manufacturing local wool. Quickly realizing that the missing link was also a wool mill they opened a wool processing mill in July of 2018. They used some unconventional methods to start their small farm including raising capital. They direct market their wool products and now process other farmers' wool.

    Jessica Robertson

    Jessica Robertson is owner and Head Grunt at Wild Craft Permaculture as well as co-owner of Village Compost. Jessica has designed holistic permaculture systems for spaces from 200 sq. ft. to 150-acres and works on residential, commercial and public projects. She is often involved in the implementation of these designs and enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients as they work alongside each other. She brings a background in biology, education, silviculture and urban planning to her work. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Verge Permaculture in Alberta in 2010.

    Kara Burrell

    Kara Burrell lives on a farm in Dunrea, Manitoba with her husband and 2 young children. Her love of baking bread in a traditional, organic manner stems from her passion of living and eating healthy, as well as her love of the earth and all its plants and creatures.

    Maria Epp

    Maria is an artist and forager since her youth. Gathering dandelions for her mother and making mud pies like so many children. As an artist, she explores her passion for the earth, and for the healing power of being rooted and connected to the land. Seasons guide her through her inner world. She draws from the wild medicines, herbs and plants as well as the vibrant and diverse community she lives, in the heart of Winnipeg. Her captivation with wild inks has altered her practice to see paint as living, nuanced and continually changing.

    Laura Reeves

    Laura Tyler

    Audrey Logan is an Indigenous food sovereignty activist campaigning for “a dehydration station on every nation.” By returning to the ancient art of preserving food in times of abundance through dehydration, Audrey has learned to maintain a nutritious food supply throughout the year on a fixed income. She is on a mission to share this knowledge with remote and urban communities alike. If, as Wendell Berry says, “we need a revolution that the poor can afford,” Audrey is surely one of its vanguards.

    Leanne Seniuk

    Leanne has been an urban farmer for over 20 years. She has a honed skill for growing produce in an urban setting. She is a Master Composter through Green Action Centre and uses her compositing skills to expand her garden yield. Leanne's garden and yard is also Canadian Wildlife Certified so it provides food for more than the humans in her life.

    Rachel Isaak & Dustin Peltier

    Lourdes Still

    Lourdes C. Still is a flower grower and founder of Masagana Flower Farm, a west-facing prairie acreage with glowing sunsets located near LaBroquerie, MB. She has 5 years experience as an international flower buyer before diving into the world of horticulture. As an importer, she brought a great deal of flower varieties to Winnipeg and western Canada all the way from Colombia and Ecuador. She has been inspired by many of the dedicated growers she met in South America. She is also a florist, creating floral bouquets, arrangements and installations for more than a dozen weddings/events to date. In 2016, Lourdes and her husband Kevin created a bountiful 600-sq-ft. garden of cut flowers and summer produce. She was hooked from the start, feeling connected with pride to the entire growing process—from seed to seedlings to full-grown plants—that thrived in their garden. In 2017, Kevin built her a hoop house that she filled with cosmos, dahlia, zinnias and amaranths to name a few. As her interest in floriculture deepened, she participated in "Floret Online Flower Farming Workshop", worked at a Manitoba flower farm and is on track to finishing the Master Gardener Certification Program through the University of Saskatchewan. She has now tripled her garden size and remains in awe of how many stems she cut and arranged in bunches last year! This growing season, her new focus is to inspire people to embrace local, seasonal and sustainable blooms by sharing her own cut flower garden journey. She looks forward to playing her growing role on the Canadian prairies as it catches on to the Slow Flower Movement.

    Lydia Carpenter

    Lydia Carpenter and her partner Wian Prinsloo run Luna Field Farm, a multi species grazing operation south of Belmont Manitoba. They currently run cattle, sheep, hogs and pastured poultry. Both Lydia and Wian are first generation farmers. They started farming together in 2011 with nominal savings and the opportunity to lease 80 acres of pasture. By 2014 they were both employed full time on the farm. After having moved the farm several times they have finally settled on a 160 acre place of their own where they rent additional grazing acres for their cattle

    Johanna Giesbrecht

    A textile artist working with fibre from spinning it into yarn, dyeing and turning that into knits, tapestries, weavings and more. While it is always with a deep passion for the best way to obtain materials and create items, Johanna also tries to hold onto a sense of whimsy in her artistry.

    Paolo Riva

    Paolo Riva grew up on the edge of Winnipeg, in a half-rural half-urban environment. He has been blacksmithing since he was a teenager and became passionate about woodworking whilst working with Urban Eatin' Gardeners Worker Co-op. Now he runs a business called Rootfire Wood and Metal Workshop, which offers custom furniture, woodworking and blacksmithing.

    Raeann Keam

    Raeann is the mother behind Aiming For More (urban homestead). Her passion? Food. But not just food. REAL food and anything related to it. She is an avid urban gardener and familiar face at her local farmers market, striving for local whole foods to feed her family. With that food in hand, she is creating simple but wholesome grub. Fermenting sauerkraut or milk kefir, preparing elderberry gummies and grain free squash muffins, and of course, always keeping an eye on her stock of, well, stock! Her springs involve starting her garden plants from seeds, some saved from last years garden. Her summers are watering her vegetables and enjoying the summer blooms and bounty. The fall is all about preserving the harvest for winter stores so tummies are full of life-giving food. And the winter, is eating said food, researching herbs and plants to forage, creating recipes and dreaming of the next growing season She believes food is thy medicine and wants to share that passion and knowledge with others.

    Al & Johanna McLauchlan

    Shannon Bahuaud

    Tom Nagy

    Born in Hamilton Ontario, Tom Nagy is an ecologist with a passion for botany and mycology who has worked as an organic farmer, field botanist and environmental consultant. Tom advocates for a greater understanding and appreciation of how we interact with the natural world by writing thoughtful and engaging articles and conducting public programs discussing native plant communities, sustainable agriculture, mushroom cultivation and wild foraging for edible and medicinal plants and fungi. Tom currently works as a commercial craft brewer for Barn Hammer Brewing Company in Winnipeg in order to support him with these endeavors and other community building projects.

    Katherine Magne

    Katherine is your garment sewing cheerleader and is dedicated to growing the Winnipeg sewing community through workshops and community events throughout the year. She’s been sewing, thrifting and mending all her family’s clothes since 2015 and with four kids that’s a fun and involved job that allows creative expression for everyone.

    Zach Loeks