Rooted Podcast, Episode 2 – Mushrooms

Tom has a passion for botany and mycology and has worked as an organic farmer, field botanist and environmental consultant. He advocates for a greater understanding and appreciation of how we interact with the natural world by writing thoughtful and engaging articles and conducting public programs discussing native plant communities, sustainable agriculture, mushroom cultivation and wild foraging for edible and medicinal plants and fungi. Tom currently works as a commercial craft brewer for Barn Hammer Brewing Company in Winnipeg in order to support his mycellial endeavors and other community-building projects.

Listen in to hear how Tom got his start in the world of mycology, and a great overview of what you need to get started with mushroom cultivation!


Community support for learning mushroom cultivation
Closed loop cultivation
The indicator species to look for when hunting morels
Tips for growing on logs
What is a Driad’s Saddle?!
Recommended Resources
How to prepare cultivated or wild mushrooms
What Tom will teach at his two workshops at the fest this August
Can mushrooms save the world?

River City Mushrooms
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Recommended Resources

Fresh Cap Mushrooms

Book: Mycellium Running by Paul Stamets