Rooted Podcast, Episode 1 – Beekeeping

Chris loves sharing the wonder of honeybees with everyone he talks to! He, along with Lindsay Nikkel, is the founder and head beekeeper of Beeproject Apiaries, which began in 2009. Education, public engagement and sustainable beekeeping management has been their focus for the last 10 years. Beeproject sees rooftop and backyard beekeeping as a way to engage urbanites in discussions of sustainability and environmental protection. In 2016, beekeeping in Winnipeg’s downtown became legal. These bylaw changes have allowed Beeproject to focus on maintaining and installing beehives for environmental and community minded organizations.

Learn about the art of keeping bees, Chris & Lindsays journey to urban beekeeping, what you can do to affect change for a sustainable food system and pollinator protection, and what Chris’ beekeeping workshop at the fest this August will entail.


  • Urban beekeeping bylaws and practice
  • Affecting policy change
  • Ways urbanites, rural dwellers and graziers can promote and protect pollinators
  • Do bees have knees? – and other fun facts
  • Recommended resources
  • What Chris will teach at his 3 hour beekeeping workshop at the fest

Beeproject Apiaries


Recommended Resources