DIY Homesteader Fest Tote


Black cotton tote. Hand illustrated homesteading designs in white. Makes an eco-conscious gift wrap. Great for books, knitting, the beach, snacks, and more!

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Custom-illustrated design, featuring:

Mushroom: backyard mushrooms

Hammer: natural building, diy composting toilets, forging

Spade: medicinal herb spiral, indigenous crops

Plantain: herbal healing, healing salves, edible backyard

Cast Iron Pan: cooking with cast iron, eco stoves

Essential Oil Bottle: natural dental health

Hen: laying hens, butchery

Milk Bottle: cultured dairy

Spile: tree tapping

Goat: homestead dairy goats

Honey Bee: beekeeping

Mason Jar: kraut, country wines, sprouting

Rabbit: raising rabbits for wool or meat, spinning wool

Sourdough: sourdough, grain milling


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