Squirrel 4: 16×17


  • Limited space — only 28 sites available.
  • Beautifully shaded and secluded, set among rows of pine trees.
  • Parking is shaded.
  • Water and rustic bathrooms nearby.
  • Walk-in only, tent only. Your campsite is approximately 120m (400 feet) from the parking area.
  • No fires or camp stoves. A communal dining area shaded by pines is provided near where you park, and a monitored community fire pit along Ember Alley, near the camp sites, is ready for your enjoyment.
  • Be mindful of your neighbours; tent lines or other objects should not extend outside of your campsite.
  • Please arrive Saturday, August 10 at 8am. Festival gates close at 6pm on Sunday, August 11. No stragglers please!
  • PLEASE READ the camping policies, here.

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