Rooted in Community: Natural Movement at Home with Barefoot Prairie Holistic – RECORDED


Recorded on March 29, 2020

Join Dana Wiebe, of Barefoot Prairie Holistic (@barefootprairieholistic) to explore the foundation for all human activity. Every body, no matter what activity level or skill, will benefit from learning these foundational movement skills and habits. As our lives include more and more computer technology, stress, and sedentary habits, our bodies need improved support in order to continue to move well throughout life. Dana’s approach to movement and exercise is influenced by the work of Katy Bowman, Jill Miller, and MovNat. She will teach you a series of strength and corrective exercises to help you navigate stress and feel better in your body. All bodies are welcome! Participants are invited to actively learn along with Dana, trying out the movements throughout the gathering.Ā 

Get ready: Find a space big enough for you to move comfortably on the floor, ideally a 6′ diameter circle around you, with some nearby empty wall space as well. Add something to balance on – a 2×4, line on a carpet, painter’s tape on a floor, or imaginary line. šŸ˜‰


By donation. Pay what you are able. 10% of proceeds to local causes (to be listed soon). The remainder to teachers/hosts/organizers. To those who are unable to contribute financially at this time, or must pay at the lower end, know that you are contributing with your presence in the community. We need each other. To those who are able to pay more, thank you for supporting your local farmers, producers, makers, and community members, many who need your support now more than ever! Whether you pay nothing or the highest level, you are appreciated and welcome.

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Dana Wiebe lives on the Canadian Prairies with her husband, their three children, and various farm animals. She has always enjoyed moving her body (her mom and doctor took note of this before she was born) and is fascinated with how our bodies function; always seeking out how to improve and foster good health in herself, her family, and her clients.

As a fitness trainer over the last decade, Dana began to notice a lot of over-use injuries in fellow exercise enthusiasts. Despite excellent fitness and health, she noticed the inconsistency between strong and weak spots in her own body as well as others’. When she discovered the teaching of biomechanist Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, she enthusiastically began to learn a broader movement and health philosophy and ecology.

Dana’s movement practice is also influenced by Jill Miller of Tune Up FitnessĀ and MovNat. She is currently a certified personal trainer, is studying with MovNat, and is contemplating further certification as a MovNat instructor.


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