Rooted in Community: Homemade Yogurt with Life in the Boreal – RECORDED


Recorded on April 5, 2020

Join Deanne Chambers, of Life in the Boreal, and learn to make your own yogurt at home! Save money and help your gut by making your own probiotic rich yogurt with minimal effort. Homemade yogurt requires no special equipment or fancy know how. All you need is some milk, plain yogurt with active cultures and some basic kitchen equipment. Yogurt is so easy to make! Plus, by making in a mason jar, you’ll have minimal mess and no boil overs of milk.

By donation. Pay what you are able. 10% of proceeds to local causes (to be listed soon). The remainder to teachers/hosts/organizers. To those who are unable to contribute financially at this time, or must pay at the lower end, know that you are contributing with your presence in the community. We need each other. To those who are able to pay more, thank you for supporting your local farmers, producers, makers, and community members, many who need your support now more than ever! Whether you pay nothing or the highest level, you are appreciated and welcome.

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Deanne Chambers is a skirt-sewing, blueberry-picking, jam-making, diaper-changing , elbows-flying (yes she’s a scrapper) hockey mom of 4 boys. Deanne is a Jill of all trades. Chasing dreams of being a subsistence farmer. She is an embracer of traditional and reclaimed knowledge of grandmother’s and elders past.

Being raised in a large family in the country, Deanne learnt skills that have helped her to develop the lifestyle she wants for her own family. With her boys, dog, and husband in tow, Deanne hopes they won’t be chasing their dreams much longer but living out a self-reliant life on their new large-acre forested property.


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