Rooted in Community: DIY Pine Hydrosol & Hand Spray w/ Hiraya Oils – RECORDED


Recorded on March 25, 2020

Join Benil Zamora, founder of Hiraya Oils (@hiraya.oils), to learn how to make your own hydrosol hand-spray with pine. Pine is a tree that most people have access to, even in the winter, and has anti-viral properties. Both Benil and DIY Homesteader Fest wish to stress that a hand-sanitizer can’t replace hand-washing, but is nice to have on-hand when you aren’t near a tap. This DIY sanitizer using pine hydrosol, hopefully will inspire people to still be creative while taking care of the wellness and health of ourselves and our communities.


By donation. Pay what you are able. 10% of proceeds to local causes (to be listed soon). The remainder to teachers/hosts/organizers. To those who are unable to contribute financially at this time, or must pay at the lower end, know that you are contributing with your presence in the community. We need each other. To those who are able to pay more, thank you for supporting your local farmers, producers, makers, and community members, many who need your support now more than ever! Whether you pay nothing or the highest level, you are appreciated and welcome.

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Hiraya began from the desire to keep things simple, be part of a community and to do something one is inspired about. Benil, the founder of Hiraya, worked in the corporate world where she led teams that assisted mainstream companies to navigate the challenges and ambiguity of regulations. However, the higher she went up the corporate ladder, the deeper the realization that she did not share the values of the corporate world. She quit her job and embarked on an inspired journey with Hiraya. Hiraya is team of like-minded people with common values: simplicity, transparency, carbon neutrality, fun and collaboration. Together with her partner, they have started a shop to distill essential oils and hydrosols, and a farm to grow their own plant material. Marketing, branding and inventory management are led by colleagues from her corporate past life. Hiraya also partners with small-scale farmers or local wild-crafters to cultivate or gather plant materials used to distill their products.


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