Rooted in Community: Fermented Vegetables with Ashley Pharazyn – RECORDING COMING SOON


April 19 | 2pm CDT (Winnipeg time)

Join Ashley Pharazyn, of My Quaint Traditions, over at our community space on Zoom for a fermentation workshop! During this time of concerns over the food supply and decreased trips to the grocery store, we can all benefit from not only extending the life of of our produce, but also transforming it to give our bodies a nutrient and probiotic boost. Join us to learn the art of fermentation and transform those veggies!

By donation. Pay what you are able. 10% of proceeds to local causes (to be listed soon). The remainder to teachers/hosts/organizers. To those who are unable to contribute financially at this time, or must pay at the lower end, know that you are contributing with your presence in the community. We need each other. To those who are able to pay more, thank you for supporting your local farmers, producers, makers, and community members, many who need your support now more than ever! Whether you pay nothing or the highest level, you are appreciated and welcome.

If you’d rather donate via eTransfer, please contact us.


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Ashley Pharazyn is a holistic health who specializes in digestive and hormone health. Through her own healing journey, Ashley has learned the tools to help keep your digestive system clear of candida overgrowth and leaky gut in remission. Ashley teaches fermented food and drinks classes across Manitoba to help share microbiome building practices that can help improve digestion and boost the immune system.


// You will be emailed a link to the Zoom meetup. You just need to click the link and hop into the gathering space. You can interact in the comments.

// This is a safe space for everyone. Anyone who is being rude, disrespectful or using oppressive language of any kind will not be tolerated and those engaging in such behaviour will be removed. To all community members: if you witness this behaviour, please bring it to our attention. All workshops will be moderated.

// This is a space to build community around the topic being presented. It’s not a space for political discussion or general discussion around Covid-19. Thank you!

// Timeline (subject to change, other than start time):

2pm CDT: Welcome, introduction of teacher and participants (share your name and where you’re from)

2:15pm-ish: Workshop

2:45/3pm-ish: Q&A with teacher or tour host (can go longer depending on the teacher’s schedule)

3:15pm-ish: Community hang out – share your own ideas around the day’s topic, ask questions of each other, encourage one another, share favourite resources, and where possible perhaps even plan to share physical resources (considering Covid-19 precautions, of course). This can be through the video or written chat options. Whatever you’re comfortable with.


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