Rooted in Community: Canadian Castaway Off-Grid Tour – RECORDED


Recorded on March 22, 2020

Join the folks behind @canadiancastaway up at their 700 sq. ft. off-grid cottage in the mountains. And by off-grid, we mean there aren’t even roads to their home! Take in the breathtaking natural beauty, and learn about their experience of solar-power, rain-water harvesting, and more. We’ll meet in our live, online community space on Zoom.

By donation. Pay what you are able. 10% of proceeds to local causes (to be listed soon). The remainder to teachers/hosts/organizers. To those who are unable to contribute financially at this time, or must pay at the lower end, know that you are contributing with your presence in the community. We need each other. To those who are able to pay more, thank you for supporting your local farmers, producers, makers, and community members, many who need your support now more than ever! Whether you pay nothing or the highest level, you are appreciated and welcome.

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The duo behind Canadian Castaway live full time in their off-grid cabin, lovingly named Jeanne. Your tour host was a full time workaholic filmmaker, with clients like Red Bull, Quark Expedition, and more. He spent his days travelling around the world, until one day he woke up and wanted something more. A sustainable future. He took a leap to go to part time filmmaking and devoted the rest of the time to building his own house, which took three years to build.


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// Contents:

3:20 – Welcome home
5:10 – Solar panels
7:20 – Solar, interior equipment
10:30 – Costs for solar equipment
14:15 – Energy consumption
16:00 – Propane stovetop & water heater
19:30 – Water catchment
24:15 – Outdoor water storage
27:50 – Composting toilet
29:00 – Gardening
30:20 – Insulation
31:45 – Why choose this lifestyle?

34:00 – Q&A
34:55 – Details about using rigid foam on the inside of the walls?
37:00 – Water pump & water pressure
40:35 – How do you level your house when it’s sitting on the side of a mountain?
44:10 – Do you have a greywater system?
45:35 – Costs and construction for the mount of the solar panel
46:55 – Bringing materials to such a remote location
48:55 – What are your next projects for the summer?
50:15 – How are the bugs?
51:10 – What would you do differently?
54:30 – Are you planning to do a permaculture garden?
55:15 – Best advice for someone who is thinking about building off-grid?
57:50 – Does your propane water heater get vented to the outside?
1:00:30 – Would you design the layout of the house itself differently?
1:03:05 – Do you think this kind of lifestyle will become more common?
1:03:45 – What is the black thing behind the wood stove
1:04:35 – What is the longest stretch of time you’ve spent at the house, and how do you access it from the roads?
1:07:20 – How happy are you that you are off grid in the mountains in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis?
1:08:20 – How long did it take to build the house?
1:09:00 – Closing


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