Health & Home Venue

Health & Home Venue

Backyard Mushroom Cultivation

Learn the basic techniques that you can use to cultivate gourmet edible mushrooms in the comfort of your own backyard. Discover how productive and rewarding mushroom growing can be and how you can incorporate them into flower beds, vegetable gardens, and perennial plantings. Add interest and diversity to your garden as well as harvest an additional […]

Herbal Salves

Learn about making herbal infused oils and then how to use those oils to create salves and lip balms! Each participant will go home with their own custom made salve and/or lip balm and instructions on how to carry on making more at home. Tara, of Mama Pacha, will walk you through how to harvest and […]

Medicinal Plants & the Art of Healing

Join Chad Cornell, of Hollow Reed Holistic, to get in touch with essential local plants and how we can use them towards our healing and evolution. Our ancestors had a relationship with healing plants that did not involve laboratories. They related to plants based on the their flavours, their personalities, and the information they gained in […]

Northern Prairie Natural Building

Get informed on what works and what doesn’t for natural building in our challenging northern prairie climate. We’ll discuss cob, strawbale, hemp/flaxcrete, cordwood, earthbag and more. What’s best for insulation? How long does it take? Can I do it myself? How about moisture managment? Or ground conditions? Civil engineer Francesco Zurzolo will provide an informative overview […]