EICD Growing & Foraging Venue

EICD Growing & Foraging Venue

Herb Spiral Construction

Learn how to build a beautiful and practical raised spiral bed for a home apothecary! Natalie & Shannon, of Urban Eatin’ Landscapes, will show you the ins and outs of creating raised bed structures, using new and re-purposed materials. Participants will learn basic hardscaping plans, design and building techniques while actually constructing a herb spiral for summer kids’ program […]

Plant a Medicinal Herb Spiral

Learn how to grow your very own herbal apothecary in a beautiful herb spiral. Participants will get their hands dirty planting the herb spiral  which will be used for summer kids’ program use at Green Acres Arts Centre in Teulon! While planting, Natalie & Shannon, of Urban Eatin’, will share about plant selection, planting, care, medicinal and culinary […]

DIY Home Composting Toilets

If you want to learn how to deal with your own crap (literally!) then this workshop is for you. Aiden Enns, of Geez Magazine, will show you how to turn human “waste” into valuable compost. This is the low-tech “bucket method”; we’ll build a snazzy box with a toilet seat as a lid. We’ll provide info […]

Your Edible Backyard

There’s no better way to decrease our ecological footprint than by making use of the plants growing in our backyards. Effective medicines and nutrient-dense foods don’t have to come from half way around the world – they’re right outside our doors! Join Laura Reeves, of Prairie Shore Botanicals, to find out what types of useful […]