Eating & Drinking Venue

Eating & Drinking Venue

How Sweet it Is – Tree Tapping

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tap trees for sap? Have you ever wanted to know how syrup is made? Al & Johanna, of Rocky Lake Birchworks in The Pas, will give you the skills to tap your own trees each spring! Participants will be given the opportunity to set a tap in a piece […]

Indigenous Crops

Gain insight into the various crops planted and traded in pre-contact North America with educator Leon Simard. Learn basic cooking and nutritional information on several varieties suitable for Manitoba’s climate. A variety of seeds will be offered to workshop participants along with growing, harvesting and preservation tips for each crop.

Everyday Kraut

Did you watch someone in your family make delicious preserved vegetables when you were little? Would you love to join folks who are creating delicious, nutritious and probiotic food right at home? But it is a bit scary – right? Learn to dance with the brilliance of lactobacillus bacteria – this workshop answer your questions and […]

Country Wines

Country wines generally refer to wines made with fruits, flowers, vegetables, and/or herbs (other than grapes). Learn about the ingenuity of folks who needed something to take the edge off, but either by economics or other factors in play, had to figure it out themselves. Learn a little bit of the history of country wines, […]