Peavey Mart Animals & Bees Venue

Peavey Mart Animals & Bees Venue

Homestead Dairy Goats

Learn how goats can be a fantastic source of dairy as well as great farm friends. Jennifer & Chris, of Eddlewood Farm, will give a brief, hands on overview of the basics for keeping dairy goats, including demonstrations of: milking using a stanchion/milking stand hoof trimming oral suspensions & sub cutaneous vaccinations Learn about using goat’s milk […]

Rabbits for Meat or Wool

Learn everything you need to know about humane-raising livestock in your backyard for meat or wool. Every participant will gain hands-on experience in handling rabbit kits and adults while learning how to ‘pluck’ a rabbit. Danielle, of Fort Whyte Farms & Erica, of Ploughshares Community Farm, will share their experiences and tips to raise these versatile and […]

Laying Hens

Often referred to as the gateway farm animal, laying hens are a great first homesteading animal project! Lydia Carpenter, of Luna Field Farm, raises 300 hens year round and will walk you through what you need to know to have a happy flock. She’ll cover: • the difference between meat and egg chickens • types […]

Beekeeping 101

Do you currently have a hive, interested in getting a hive or just want to know more about bees? Chris & Lindsay, of Beeproject Apiaries, will cover the basic needs of honeybees, acquiring a colony, intro to honeybee diseases and pests, honey yields and extraction, and prepping a hive for winter. Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby that can be […]