All Day Pop-In Workshops

All Day Pop-In Workshops

Natural Dental Health

Do you have teeth? Are they healthy and happy? Do you want to keep them that way? There are many ways to use essential oils in oral hygiene routines that will produce great results for health and beauty. Pop in to chat with Nancy, of Hollow Reed Holistic, about the daily basics of self care, […]

Campfire Cast Iron

Participants can experience cast iron in action, set up in front of a historic tent. See how cooking might have been done in simpler times and how you can use cast iron over a campfire or in your modern kitchen. Beth and Al of Canada’s only cast iron company, Bristow Ironwords, will share how to obtain […]

Earth-Friendly Stoves

Learn three earth-friendly ways of cooking… the haybox, portable rocket stove, and sun oven. Get an insider scoop on the pros and cons of these cooking devices and check them out up close at this pop-in!

Home Grain Milling

Explore the how, when, why, what and where of home grain milling. Learn about the grains that can be milled, the type of equipment needed, when and where to source suitable grain and tips and techniques for success. Pop in and chat with Pat (of Pollock Farms Spelt Goodness) about cleaning grains (separating weed seeds, chaff, […]

Sheep’s Wool & Spinning

From off the sheep’s back to spun yarn, to a knit sweater for your back. Pop in to talk with Lori Frejek of HomeSpun Tools! Check out an assortment of spinning wheels and fibre prep tools, and plans for a DIY spinning wheel that you can build yourself. Learn the steps to processing your own wool fibre.