Laying Hens

Often referred to as the gateway farm animal, laying hens are a great first homesteading animal project! Lydia Carpenter, of Luna Field Farm, raises 300 hens year round and will walk you through what you need to know to have a happy flock. She’ll cover:

• the difference between meat and egg chickens
• types of chickens – hybrids & purebreds, bantams & large breeds
• buying healthy birds & brooding chicks
• healthy housing & pasture management
• feeding
• winter care and requirements
• how to deal with predators
• eggs and egg issues
• sourcing your chicken supplies
• basic biosecurity

Participants will explore some of Lydia’s preferred tools such as egg baskets, samples of feed and grit, chick catalogues, egg candlers, and electric netting – as well as eggs!

Workshop Sponsor:
Bergs Hatchery