Poplar & Pine Campground Preview

Folks! We’re over the moon to give you a (very non-professionally iPhone filmed) glimpse of your new campground space!
The pathway to the campground is this magical meeting space between a poplar forest and a pine forest. The majority of campsites will be in the pine forest, though we’re contemplating a private group-use site in the poplar forest as well, with it’s own bathroom. Let us know if you and your crew of friends and/or family would dig that! There will probably only be one available!

The pine forest campgrounds will be walk-in, spacious sites. The campground will feature one or two community campfire and hang-out spaces. We’ll also be setting up exclusive dining areas for Poplar & Pine campers.

For those of you who prefer to camp with a camper or trailer, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll have spaces marked out in the field (shown in the opening scene of the video), close to the parking lot. From there, you can see several forests, the red tailed hawks flying overhead, and the *best* sunset views around.

Please feel welcome to send us your favourite campground features! We’d love to hear from you as to whether you’d stay for one night or two (two-day fest this year! YES!), if having a shower is a deal-breaker for you, and your preferred method of camping! We want this to be the best experience possible for this homesteader community.

So, if you’re wondering what these homesteader fest folks are up to over the next month or two, you can imagine us in the forest, trimming pine trees, creating fire-pit areas, MacGyvering a rustic outdoor shower area, and searching for a wood-chipper and someone to do some field-mowing for us! Ha!


Music by Matthew Berg.