More than workshops, more than a fest…

When we dreamt up this event, it was a couple of us washing dishes and chatting about how to bring people together, provide an atmosphere for inspiration and change, and what our own dream festival would look like. It was about sharing skills that are at risk of being lost to future generations. It was about connecting people with the skills they need to take the first steps to achieve their own farm or homestead dream.

It was more than a conference. And though we called it a festival, we knew then it was more than that, too.

We ticked off all the boxes of our dream event. Learning opportunities – check. Music – check. A place for kids – check. Good food – check. Market – check.

Yet, it wasn’t until we experienced the first fest ourselves that we realized just how much more there was to it. It was really about connecting. Meeting like minded people. Hearing about the hardships and successes of others on a similar journey. Learning how to support one another.  In 2015, we were drenched in a downpour of epic proportions. And you know, what? It just brought us all – young and old, urban and rural, newbies and those near retirement – together in the wildness and goodness of the day!

We have heard over and over from fest-goers that a day outdoors connecting with people, learning, toe-tapping, being nourished with both inspiration and good food, is just what they needed to replenish their soul.

We truly hope that this year’s fest can be that balm for your soul; that it will refresh and inspire you.

We hope the environment of the festival will encourage you that you’re not alone on this path of healing our bodies, and healing our connection to the land – this path that can make us feel like we stick out like mold on a kombucha scoby. We have been there – and continue to be in places of questioning, of comparing to others who are farther along, wondering when we’ll be at this place or that, of craving intentional community around this way of life. We’d love to help you establish that community through the fest!

Here are a few thoughts from previous fest-goers on the impact of the fest:


“I just wanted to say thank you. That one day was what I needed! I was feeling a bit depressed just because life is overwhelming at times. It was a great day surrounded by like minded people, a great learning atmosphere and I was able to have done great one on one time with my baby.” – 2015 Attendee


Loved my day! This was the best thing that I could have done today. Thank you. – Earnest


Where to begin? Well…. thanks! Thank you for spearheading and event that promotes wholesome values and a learning experience that inspires us to set goals and dream. Our minds are stirring with ideas and our bellies are full of happiness! We hope to see you next year. – Kayla & Ian