Grassroots Grants

Change grows from the ground up. Through education and inspiration. Through people digging in to tackle projects that matter. Like grass roots, the movement will spread!

Donate $5, $10, or more to go toward our Grassroots Grants program, which provides fest workshop passes for attendees on a low-income budget, and grants to urban and rural homestead projects.

Your contribution goes to:

50% – Grassroots Pass

Waived entry ($30) and $50 workshop grant. For low-income attendees.

50% – Grassroots Grants

$500 grants to help fund urban & rural homesteading projects in Manitoba. Application details to come.

This year, we want to fund one urban AND one rural project, and provide 20 Grassroots Passes – so come on folks! Let’s do this thing, raise $2000, and watch it grow year after year.

Thank you for growing this community, increasing accessibility, and supporting small urban & rural homesteading projects in Manitoba. We will be posting regular updates about the progress of the fund.