A generational canning story…


When we found out that Bernardin’s Brand Manager and Executive Chef was digging the DIY Homesteader Festival – enough to get Beranardin on board to sponsor, we were thrilled! What homesteader doesn’t swoon over canning jars? Jars for actual canning projects – yes. Jars for fermentation – uh huh. And oh my word, jars for candle holders, dried goods, herbs, herbal remedies… don’t even get me started! Give us a little nod if you or your partner have ever wondered why your better half has needed just a few more jars.

As if this all wasn’t great enough, we found out that Emerie Brine, Bernardin Executive Chef, is no stranger to the homestead. In fact, he has his own special homesteading story. Dig in and learn how a little boy developed a love for food preservation that led him to become an executive chef and canning guru. Hang in to the end to get a fantastic recipe you can try at home!

For Executive Chef Emerie Brine, the love of fresh food started as a young child. Growing up on a farm on the east coast, Emerie shared in the toils of his large family garden. As one of eleven children, home canning was a yearly tradition in his home, not only providing nutritious foods at a busy table, but acting as an avenue for the creative palate of a budding chef.

Emerie credits his mother with his love of food. “Until my youngest brother and I started school and my mother returned to work, I had no idea that you could purchase sliced bread, meats, and cereal at a store. Everything my family ate came directly from the farm”.

While Emerie’s roots are firmly planted in the country, he now enjoys the opportunities that urban life in Toronto provides. The global food market allows for experimentation and a full year of culinary fun. However, Emerie’s belief in the value of “fresh-picked” foods makes his partnership with Bernardin a natural.

Emerie is an expert in the tastes of the Canadian palate. His own catering company specialized in dietary-needs menus, and after a proud 3-year service as chef for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Emerie has mastered the efficiencies that preserving can provide.

As the Executive Chef for Bernardin along with being the Brand Manager, Emerie is looking forward to continuing to experiment with new recipes for home canners. “As a child, my family picked, pickled and canned every possible fruit and vegetable that we grew. Now, with the abundance of herbs, spices and vinegars available, we can add some zip to traditional recipes, and create new taste combinations that will become family favourites”.


Pickled Asparagus Recipe