Food Vendor Guidelines


Reading, understanding and agreeing to the guidelines on this page is a required portion of the application. Please read through to the bottom before submitting your application. Thank you!


What is the DIY Homesteader Festival?

The DIY Homesteader Festival is a one-of-a-kind boutique style event, in Manitoba, that offers people a fun and warm way to learn important skills they can bring into their modern life. The festival started with the hope that, infused with inspiration, people would want to take the leap to learn these once common skills. Now, it’s become so much more. It is an event for folks to come out and spend the day connecting with a like-minded community – and to let their inner homesteader shine. There’s live music, the DIY kids area, the General Store Market and Fest Food Lane, featuring local food vendors — hopefully including your establishment!

We are head over heels for good food! Part of our mission is to extend a consciousness for our earth and support for our local farmers and producers into all reaches of the festival. That means doing our best to connect our fest-goers with delicious food prepared by folks who recognize and act on the value of local and sustainable foods.


Food Vendor Application/Submission Checklist:

To apply:

  • Thoroughly read this entire page of Food Vendor Guidelines – you will be asked to check a box on the application to signify that you have fully read, understand, and agree to these guidelines.
  • Fill out the online application form (this does not guarantee a space), which includes the following:
    • A photo, sketch or detailed description of your booth/truck/tent/set-up
    • A list of your intended menu and pricing (Please specify if you have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or other items catering to those with food restrictions, so we can direct patrons to where they can get food that works for them)
    • A .jpg, .eps or .pdf file of your logo
    • Up to 3 unbranded photos of your menu items

If you are accepted, we will notify you to log in here and complete the following:

  • Pay vendor fee in full by April 10, 2019.
  • Upload Certificate of Insurance for Public Liability (minimum $2,000,000)
  • Upload Vendor Agreement, signed and dated.
  • Upload a copy of your valid Manitoba Health Permit (trucks and trailers) or details on how you’ll adhere to MB Health requirements if you do not have a food truck and health permit.
    • If  you will not be working out of a permitted food truck, it is important that you carefully read the Temporary Food Service and Farmer’s Market Guidelines documents to make sure that food is prepared, stored, and handled according to provincial health guidelines.  Also note that there are specific requirements regarding the area and structure out of which you will be selling your food.  It is your responsibility to prepare and manage the space out of which you will be working.  For advice and support in these areas, and to obtain a temporary food permit, please contact the public health inspector:Carmen Cross – Public Health Inspector
      Phone: 204-485-0232



Hours, Date & Location

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Set up: 7am-7:45am
Tear down: 6pm-7pm

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Set up: 7am-7:45am
Tear down: 5:30pm-6:30pm


Cityfolk Farm, near Thalberg, MB
40 minutes north of Winnipeg, off Hwy 12
Map to come.


What does a festival food-vendor space cost?

Payment includes either a 10’x15’ space or a food truck space. Payable by credit-card (online) or e-transfer.

Single day: $120

Weekend: $180


We expect all food vendors to:

  • Abide by provincial health and safety standards.
  • Have all items necessary for food preparation, storage, and service.
  • Have large, clearly labeled signs indicating types of food/drinks being sold as well as pricing (it should be easy for attendees to determine at a glance who is selling what).
  • Weatherproofing and canopies in the case of inclement weather.


What are your food guidelines?

  • Peanut Free: Please don’t bring any food with peanuts. We know you likely cannot guarantee items are free of all traces of peanuts, but not having peanuts, peanut oil, etc. is very helpful to families with life-threatening peanut allergies. For example, maybe you usually sell an item with peanut sauce. That item would have to be unavailable at the festival, but we understand that your food would still qualify as potentially containing traces of peanuts due to cross-contamination. We have a child with a severe allergy to peanuts and this is his home – we don’t want him to run into stray peanut products on our property during or after the festival. Thank you!
  • Planet-Friendly:We are committed to sustainable practices and want to work with food vendors who are, too. Local, organic or otherwise ethically grown/raised foods are key.
    • We are a single-use-plastic-free event. No disposable plastic water bottles, plastic juice or pop bottles,  or plastic serving cups or wares are allowed. There will be water available for attendees at the fest.
    • We are paper-napkin-free! Please do not offer napkins to attendees (better for the planet, and you save money on napkins!). We are asking attendees to bring their own cloth napkins, and will also supply reusable cloth napkins for those who forget.
  • Menu Items: We aim to provide a balance of options for fest-goers, including things to bring joy to meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians and those with restrictions. We pay attention to menu options and even love help create connections between our vendors, workshop leaders and sponsors who grow and produce amazing foods. Are you looking to source something locally? We can help.


Why do you need to know about my propane requirements?

For insurance purposes we are required to have a detailed inventory of such items.


What utilities are available?

Electrical service is unlikely, but knowing as many details as possible about your scenario will help us do our best to accommodate you if possible. Please bring your own supply of potable water.


Can I use a generator?

Yes. No specific guidelines here other than to please respect fest-goers by not bringing a disturbingly loud generator! Thank you.


How many customers can we anticipate?

  • The first year of the festival saw roughly 300 people. The second and third saw about 400. Our goal is to continue to grow in capacity and ticket sales, though we cannot guarantee any specific level of attendance or food sales.
  • We will update you with ticket sales-to-date on July 1, 2019.
  • Although food will be sold throughout the day, it has been our experience that the lunch rush is quite intense. Lines are long and it is important to move quickly. Please make sure to do as much preparation as possible before the lunch rush (12:30-3) so as to move people through the line as efficiently as possible.


Can my staff and I attend the festival workshops?

Food vendor spaces do not include entrance to the festival workshops, though you are very welcome to visit the General Store Market, free demonstrations, and other food vendors.


Patron Payment

  • Cell coverage is usually pretty good, but could be unreliable — it is advised that you do not depend on a wireless card reader (you can bring them though).
  • Bring a good float. The nearest ATM is a 20 minute drive from the fest grounds.


Food Tokens

  • Volunteers and workshop leaders will receive lunch vouchers in the form of wood tokens. Each token can be used for up to $5.00-worth of food/drink items.
  • Change should not be given if purchases are less than the allotted $5.00 amount.
  • Please keep lunch tokens given to you. At the end of the day our Food Coordinator will collect them and record your total. On the Monday after the festival you will be reimbursed for the full value of each token via e-transfer or a cheque.


How can I promote to my regular customers that I will be at the festival?

  • There will be an online Food Vendor Hub where you can grab graphics and copy text that you can use however you’d like (in your store, on your website, via social media, etc.). A grassroots event such as the DIY festival relies on word of mouth and we want your booth to be busy with hungry fest-goers looking for nourishment!
  • Post this link to your website and social media page(s):


Map, Schedule, and Arrival

  • A festival site map will be posted in the Food Vendor Hub and when you arrive our Food team will show you to your space.
  • Please drive up to the gate and check in.
  • You’ll drive in and set up, unless we have contacted you to make other arrangements. There will be a space marked for you. We’ll bring you there and help with any last minute needs.
  • Vehicles MUST be driven back out to the parking lot after set up. No vehicles will be permitted on the grounds after 8am, so please be sure to arrive with ample time to set up, park and be ready for business at 8am!



Pets are not allowed at the festival.


Can I play music in my vendor space?

No. There will be professional live music and to respect their performance, as well as the discussions that are struck up between workshops, please do not play music.