Fest Community Spotlight // Volunteers

What an amazing group of individuals we had come together for the 2019 fest! People from urban and rural areas, folks who are retired and folks with young children (who also attended the fest!), some with homesteading experience and others just starting out. Something they all had in common was their homesteader hearts, kindness and keenness for helping out wherever needed. We truly enjoyed getting to know each and every team member!

Volunteers from various crews – Enviro, Campground, Food, First Aid, Hospitality, Kids’ Area, and more, pitched in to ensure a smoothly run and fun event. We also had loads of pre-fest volunteers in the form of friends, family and neighbours who came out to help with building projects, campground prep, chainsaw work, mowing, plumbing projects and more. So many projects and work days aren’t shown here, due to being so busy we didn’t take photos.Much gratitude wells up when we look back at the many hands that made this fest possible! Thank you to each and every helpful soul!

Fest kids!

Probably the very best “volunteers” around are our own kiddos! They worked so hard throughout the spring and summer to help with various fest projects. They were already building a chicken coop, and graciously allowed us to use it for a fest workshop. The kids helped with copious amounts of weeding in the gardens to be used for the perennial hugelkultur guild and permabed system workshops, hauling branches from the campground and festival grounds, screwing plywood onto the ticket booth, erecting tent frames, cleaning out the summer kitchen workshop space, screwing the wood siding on the wall in the summer kitchen workshop space, making and installing campground marker signs, raking wood chips in the campground, and so, so much more. There was certainly a lot of their own fun peppered in the spring and summer of prep work, but they were a constant help with fest chores and should not be overlooked! Thanks to Milo, Cohen and Breann!

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