Fest Community Spotlight // Sponsors

A huge thank you to each of our 2019 sponsors! It’s because of their partnership that we were able to do things like build the ticket booth and bring in our featured teacher, Zach Loeks. Not only that, but our sponsors make the fest itself possible. Read on to learn a bit about each one!

Selkirk Home Hardware

The Home Hardware in Selkirk, Manitoba, is a locally owned business run by Rob & Krista Borthistle. We truly felt it was a fantastic fit to work with them and their business, as they are striving to connect their customer base with the tools – and skills – to live a more DIY lifestyle. You can read more about this on a recent post dedicated to a big thanks to Krista & Rob and Selkirk Home Hardware.

Home Hardware Selkirk

New Society Publishers

It’s hard to imagine a better fit, value and content wise, than Canadian publisher New Society Publishers. The team at New Society is so warm and thoughtful, and they helped us find the best books to go with our learning experiences this year. They also helped to line up your 2019 featured teacher, Zach Looks, as they are the publisher of his book The Permaculture Market Garden. New Society has so many wonderful books for starting or growing your urban or rural homestead, as well as many other topics of interest. From their website:

New Society Publishers’ mission is to publish books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society, and to do so with the least possible impact on the environment, in a manner that models this vision… New Society Publishers’ work speaks to individuals and organizations interested in changing their lives so that they may change the world for the better.

*Note that we are an affiliate of NSP, and receive a percentage of sales that occur from links on our website. Thanks for your support!

Echo & BCS

We couldn’t be happier to have met our local Echo Power Equipment rep, Frank. Over the months leading up to the fest, we got to know him through his visits to the farm. He would come and do some chainsaw work, mow the grass, show us how to use a BCS, and more – and we’d hang out for a meal or drink and talk. It’s so nice to connect with people on this level, rather than just a transactional nature! We can’t thank Frank enough for all of his help here on the farm! Also thanks to Echo West, reps of Echo, Bearcat, BCS and more… 


Echo Power Equipment Canada

Hygge Canada

Hygge Canada is a lovely new company local to Manitoba, offering goods and services related to living a more holistic, Hygge inspired life. Jill has been a part of the festival since 2015, in various capacities – both as a volunteer and sponsor, and has offered so much encouragement, help, and support over the years. Check out Hygge Canada for great hygge workshops, subscription boxes and more. Also check our IG account for a Hygge subscription unboxing this weekend! 


Hygge Canada

Noventis Credit Union

Noventis is a credit union here in Manitoba with eleven branches, mainly in the Interlake region. They are an amazing bunch of people who work hard to find solutions for their clients. Their goal is to focus on the needs of their members and community, with core values of integrity, excellence, accountability, cooperation, sustainability, and accessibility. Noventis would be our first suggestion to anyone looking to start out on a rural homesteading journey, as they truly think outside the box and strive to find solutions that work for you. This is based on our personal experience! Thanks to Noventis for partnering with the fest once again in 2019!