Fest Community Spotlight // Attendees

While we have so much gratitude for the wonderful teachers, coordinators, volunteers, and sponsors who all worked together to make the fest happen, the real stars of the event are all of you with homesteader hearts of gold, who chose to take a step in your homesteading journey. Whether it was a starting out step, or a later-in-the-process step, you came out to learn, to share your story and to connect with others on a similar path. Fest-goers love the education at the fest, but one of the most common reviews we get is that the community at the fest is priceless. That they had no idea how many others were interested in similar things. That they found fellowship in the wonderful group of people who came out to the festival.

Each of you is appreciated. So many of you helped out with things, not only as volunteers, but also just out of a spirit of giving! Everyone did their part to honour the environment and the farm, to the extent that we were hard-pressed to fill our pockets with litter after the event. We are convinced that this level of care at community events is unprecedented! Thank you. It was a joy to see you all be nourished by the farm and forest, keeping an eye out for your fest neighbours and children. To witness the learning and connecting.  You’re the ground level of this baby grassroots event, helping it to grow into something more and ore special for others to enjoy.  So, thanks to each of you for being a vital part of the community. We’re truly looking forward to connecting with you throughout 2020 and growing this community even more!