Core Community Tickets now available!

So, the barn cat is out of the bag! And, you’re the first to know. The next fest will take place August 8-9, 2020! We’ve created a special ticket option just for the core fest community. Check it out…

What is a Core Community ticket? Have you heard of CSAs? The acronym stands for Community Supported Agriculture – the idea is that a community rallies around a farm and its farmers and invests in a weekly produce box well before the season even begins. The community figuratively — and literally — provides the seeds that will sprout and flourish into abundance to be shared.

In this vein, we’re inviting you, the core fest community, to rally around this little grassroots fest and be a part of growing an amazing experience for 2020.


Who is the fest Core Community?

  • You have homesteader hearts that laugh off the rain, and dig into the learning, fun and community building.
  • You feel at home at the fest – with a connection to nature, to the community, to the learning.
  • You know that regardless of the line-up specifics, it’s going to be a highlight of Summer 2020 and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

These very limited Core Community tickets are an opportunity for us to thank you, the Homesteader Fest faithful, for being a part of this community, and for you to be a part of building something special – the best  magical weekend of learning and growing together that we can dream up!

We’re opening this offer up to you, the 2019 fest community, first. If you want to call dibs on your ticket, do so before September 6, when we’ll open it up to the larger core community; people who have attended in the past but couldn’t make it this year, or who have been following along and cheering for us from the sidelines from the start.

Buy your Core Community tickets here.