We were thrilled to see so many of you joining in to camp at the fest last year! Please do your part to carry the positive community vibe of this fest into the next day by being mindful of your neighbours and the earth. We know you’ll enjoy swapping homestead successes and learning experiences around the communal fire pits, and creating a special temporary neighbourhood at the farm.

Camping is available to Weekend or Sunday Festival Ticket Holders only. Sunday Ticket Holders must arrive after 5pm on Saturday.

Festival gates open at 8am Saturday – Campers may purchase a pass to set up on Friday evening. Workshops start at 9am.

Festival gates close at 6pm Sunday. No stragglers please!

This is a family-friendly event. Please remember this on the festival grounds, and in the campgrounds in the evening. Let’s all work together to ensure this is a positive experience for all!

Minors 17 and under must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian ticket-holder.


Limited space — only 28 beautifully shaded and secluded sites available, set among rows of pine trees. Park your car in the shade, with water and rustic bathrooms nearby.

Walk-in only, tent only. Your campsite is approximately 120m (400 feet) from the parking area.

No fires or camp stoves. A communal dining area shaded by pines is provided near where you park, and a monitored community fire pit along Ember Alley, near the camp sites, is ready for your enjoyment.

First come, first served. Sites are approximately 15′ x 12′, with a few that are a little larger. 

One tent per site. One family-sized tent, or two solo tents per camp site.

Be mindful of your neighbours; tent lines or other objects should not extend outside of your campsite.



Please take only the space you need and consider your neighbours. Vehicles may not drive in and out of the campground other than to drop off Saturday morning, and pick up Sunday evening. Festival Field campers are welcome to share in the community building fun over at Ember Alley if you wish to enjoy an evening fire. NO fires or camp stoves of any kind permitted in Festival Field Campground, other than stoves within RVS or campers.

There are no in/out privileges for vehicles in the campground.

Only units registered as: motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels or tent trailers are permitted. Truck/SUV tents, designed specifically to attach to your truck/SUV and convert it into a living space are permitted. Sleeping in any vehicle not specifically registered as a camping vehicle is not permitted.

Once inside, camping vehicles must not be moved except when vacating the campground.

If you are tenting, we recommend air mattresses. This is pasture land, not manicured campsites; it’s not necessarily smooth and flat.



We provide communal fire pits at Ember Alley in the Poplar & Pine Campground. All other fires prohibited. Though the fire pits are supervised by volunteers, please take responsibility to ensure they are properly used and extinguished. Do not burn garbage in the fire pits. Grass fires and forest fires are a serious concern. Please respect this rule, your fellow fest-goers, the farm, and the local community of people, animals and plants.

In the case of windy and/or dry conditions, a “No Fire” restriction will be imposed and remain in effect until it is deemed safe to allow campfires.


This is a farm festival site that is very close to wilderness areas. As such, bears, deer, skunks, woodchucks, squirrels, mice, and more are a part of the ecosystem. While dangers of an aggressive encounter are low, please help protect the local wildlife and yourself by keeping all food items in your car over night (no meals in the tent campgrounds please, other than at Ember Alley & the designated dining area) and being conscious of your impact on the ecosystem: If you pack it in, pack it out.


Poisy Ivan was our niece’s name for Poison Ivy. There are patches, and sometimes even just single plants, of Poison Ivy on site. Please look it up and get familiar with it before the fest, and then keep an eye out for it. Where there are larger amounts that we are aware of, we have marked it with wooden stakes with red tops. This does not mean that wherever there is an absence of a marker that there is no poison ivy.

FIRST AID – For basic first-aid assistance, please visit our campground volunteers (see map). For emergencies call 911.


The main parking is in the west end of Festival Field. Our lanes are narrow. Please be patient with other drivers, and follow directions of our volunteers. You will exit the same way you came in.

Parking is FREE for all vehicles carrying 2+ passengers in regular vehicles. All single-passenger vehicles will be charged a $5 parking fee. This is part of our CARPOOL OR PAY initiative!

Vehicles may not drive in and out of the campground other than to drop off Saturday morning, and pick up Sunday evening.


The festival takes place on a family farm. We are stewards of this 80 acres of field and forest, and as festival attendees you are joining in that responsibility as caretakers for the weekend.

There are THREE waste sorting stations on the festival grounds. You can find them at the Poplar & Pine Campground entrance where it meets with Festival Field, between the Stage & The General Store Market, and by Fest Food Lane. There are FOOD COMPOST, INDUSTRIAL COMPOST, RECYCLING, AND LANDFILL bins. Please pause at the stations and ensure you are placing items in the correct bins. There will be volunteers nearby wearing RED BANDANAS who can help if needed.

Please pack out everything you bring onto fest grounds. Do not leave behind broken chairs, tents, or other gear.


While you can bring your own food for fest weekend, we encourage you to take advantage of some delicious and convenient opportunities we have set up for you:

Saturday & Sunday Daytime Food/Lunch: Visit any of our four food vendors at Fest Food Lane to pick up some lunch. There’s also be some food in the market, such as bread, honey and possibly local produce.

If you’re bringing your own food, please bring coolers to keep your food safe to eat and to avoid attracting animals. Secure your food in your vehicle. No food should be in the campgrounds overnight – it must be stored in your vehicle or hard-topped trailer, camper or RV.

For Poplar & Pine campers, we have a small dining area set up by your parking area where you can easily access your food and eat your meals. Please bring lawn chairs or use some of the hay bales around for for seating. You can roast hotdogs over the communal fire pits at Ember Alley.

PEANUTS: no peanuts, peanut-butter, peanut-oil, peanut trail mix, peanut candy, peanut butter cookies, etc. allowed on site. One of our children has a severe peanut allergy and as this is his home, we don’t want to endanger him at or after the fest while he plays on the festival grounds. Thank you! Other nuts are ok.

BUTTONS (alternative to wrist-bands)

Buttons must be worn at all times and you may be asked to show your button to volunteers at any time on the festival site and in the campground. Buttons are non-transferable. If you lose your button, you can replace it at the Ticket & Tuck Shop for $15, upon proof of ticket purchase.

Everyone in your campsite must have a valid festival admission button.

Buttons do not give you entry to workshops. You still need to have your tickets on your phone or printed, and with you.

If you don’t want to keep your button, please leave it at the Ticket & Tuck Shop when you leave. Do not leave these around the festival grounds – ouch!


Odds and ends can be purchased at the Tuck Shop until 10pm. Some of the items we’ll have available include:

  • Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co. cookies
  • Ice
  • Flashlights
  • Tarps
  • Rope


Generators are allowed to be run in the Festival Field Campground from 7:00 am – 9:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


Glass – For the safety of all fest-goers very important feet, please leave highly breakable glass items at home! We realize that glass plays a big role in a zero/low-waste lifestyle. For this reason, we aren’t outlawing glass on the festival grounds. We are trusting you to make the best choice of what to bring, and take care with it; keeping in mind the safety of all fest-goers and our family, post-fest.

Glow Sticks – Skip the sticks and bring a flashlight as a favour to the planet.

Camp Stoves & Fireworks – Camp stoves of all kinds are prohibited on the fest grounds, other than those inside of campers or RVs (must have fire extinguisher). If you prefer to eat hot food, you can purchase a ticket to the Saturday dinner (campers get first dibs on tickets), or you can roast hotdogs over the communal fire pits at Ember Alley. Fireworks, tiki torches, and candles are also prohibited. Grass fires and forest fires are a serious concern. Please respect this rule, your fellow fest-goers, the farm, and the local community of people, animals and plants.

Disposables – The fest is working towards being as close to a zero-waste event as possible. We have asked our food vendors to skip single-use plastics and paper napkins. We invite you to join in this endeavour by bringing reusable dishes and cloth napkins for use over the weekend, in place of plastic or paper disposable dishes. Food vendors will be accepting reusable cups. We’ll work on a plate system for next year. But do bring your own reusable plates, bowls & cutlery for the meals you bring for yourself. A wash station is provided. Bring a cloth and tea towel as well – biodegradable soaps only.

Drugs & Alcohol – Not permitted on festival grounds.

Pets – Leave your furry friends at home – sorry, there are no pets of any kind allowed at the festival.

Fire Lanterns / Sky Candles / Fire Balloons – Prohibited.

Crabby Attitudes – Give your neighbours and fellow attendees the benefit of the doubt, and if you can’t solve a problem with kindness, please do speak to one our campground volunteers to see if they can help.


Zero tolerance of violence – Anyone acting, or threatening to act with violence will be immediately removed from the festival grounds.

Unsafe Language – Let’s all be kind to each other; verbal abuse will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Disorderly conduct – Disorderly conduct is not tolerated. Anyone not demonstrating care for self, care for others and care for the fest will be asked to leave without refund. Attending the fest, and camping on the farm is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated. This includes drunkenness, rowdy or otherwise disorderly conduct, obscene, crude or abusive language, taking inappropriate or non-consensual photographs or video and/or failure to follow directions from festival staff and volunteers.

Belongings – You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings on fest weekend. Leave extras at home, lock up your valuables, and secure your food and beverages.

Harvest – The fest grounds are a NO-HARVEST zone. Even if you know your plants, please do not harvest on fest grounds for immediate use or to take home. The only exception to this rule is if you are a part of Laura Reeves’ Plant Walk & Harvest workshop. Thank you for respecting our plant community here on the farm.


DO: For the most part, the festival takes place in the fields of the farm. We have, however, created a beautiful forest space for you to enjoy. There is a mown path from Festival Field out to the Prayer & Meditation Labyrinth in the South Forest. Please feel welcome to quietly enjoy this space. However, please do not walk through the surrounding forest.

DON’T: Please do not walk through the forests on the farm. We will work on creating trails through the forests for the next festival! For now, please help us care for the forests by enjoying them from the outside, other than the campground (if you are a camper), and the pine forest rows near the Kids Tent and workshop spaces.


Please respect the limitations of which areas are festival grounds, and which are private family areas. Our home and yard are off limits to all festival attendees. Please do not wander around into areas that are not on the festival grounds map. Thank you for respecting our privacy and the emotional wellness of our kiddos!


Preparedness – The fest runs rain or shine! Be prepared with whatever you need to weather-proof your campsite so that you can enjoy your stay.

Water – Bring reusable water bottles – our food vendors will not be selling water. You can refill your bottles at the dish-wash station with water from the farm well. Please help to conserve water by turning off the tap, and only taking what you will use.

Food Storage – If you’re bringing your own food, please bring coolers to keep your food safe to eat and to avoid attracting animals. Secure your food in your vehicle. No food should be in the campgrounds overnight – it must be stored in your vehicle or hard-topped trailer, camper or RV.

Respect – Bring the love. For yourself. For others. For the land and living things.