Breakfast Club

There’s a new club in town…

Festival ticket holders can sign up and head to the town diner to chat with local farmers and fest teachers about a couple of current issues in urban and rural ag, over breakfast and a cup of joe before the fest.

If you’re looking to dig a bit deeper than the skill based learning this year, and uncover some important issues that you can take action on, the DIY Homesteader Festival Breakfast Club is for you!

Come to the table, join in on two casual but important convos about small farm chicken quota regulations and community investment in urban farming with Lydia of Luna Field Farm and Danielle of Fort Whyte Farms. Consider yourself a Breakfast Club Ambassador and take what you learn into your community to spread the word!

Space is limited to 20 participants. There is no fee to participate – yet because the club is taking space in a local diner, we ask that all participants support this local Teulon business by purchasing a breakfast.