Apply to be a Volunteer

Hello! Thank you for digging in and joining the festival volunteer family! It truly takes a village to raise this baby, and every single volunteer is a valued member of the team. Please read below for instructions on how to apply, and to read and agree to our Volunteer Agreement.

How to become a DIY Homesteader Festival (DHF) Volunteer

Step 1. Complete the application form below.

Step 2. Our Volunteer Coordinator will email a response back to you within three weeks.

Step 3. Redeem your fest entry pass using the process described in your confirmation email from the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Step 4. In May, our Volunteer Coordinator will email your volunteer assignment details. If you’re applying to be a Coordinator, we will be in touch personally to arrange a phone call or meeting to ensure the position is a good fit.

Step 5. In July, we’ll see you at the farm for your volunteer DHF Party at the Farm. This is a thank-you party/BBQ for all volunteers, that also includes a very short required training session to orient you to the festival grounds.

Step 6. Show up for your shifts during the fest! If you are applying to be a Coordinator, we’ll be in touch regularly, leading up to the fest, working as a planning team.

Please understand that by providing your weekend festival entry ticket up front, we are trusting you to fulfill your volunteer commitment to the fest and the attendees. If for some reason you do not follow through, you will be billed after the event for the amount of your weekend pass.

If you have any questions, or need more information about volunteering at DHF, please email and we’ll do our best to entice you to join the hive!

Folks love to come out to the fest to learn new skills, but it’s really the people who make the event. People who have homesteader hearts, and are ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in – to teaching, to volunteering, to learning, to building community. We expect festival volunteers to be a huge part of this, by contributing positively and respectfully to the fest community.


As an ambassador of the DIY Homesteader Festival, you are expected to represent yourself and the festival in a positive and inclusive manner, treating all attendees, volunteers, and the festival grounds & environment with respect. Ambassadors of the festival should be inviting and kind to each other and those attending the event. Be open to other points of view and focus on solutions rather than problems, working as a team, within your crew and across crews, to pull off the best little homesteading event on the prairies!

Harassment or disrespect of a person due to their race, ethnic background, religion, physical or mental capabilities, gender identity or sexual orientation will not be tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave. Please report any incidents among attendees or staff to your crew coordinator.


  1. Read and adhere to the Code of Ethics; be aware of the consequences of violation.
  2. Attend the pre-fest volunteer meeting/party.
  3. Inform your Crew Coordinator well in advance if you are unable to work any scheduled shift(s) (give at least 48 hours notice). Crew Coordinators, please inform the Fest Founders or Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Be prepared for all outdoor conditions as well as any specific requirements for your crew tasks.
  5. Wear your crew lanyard while on duty. This identifies you to others as a member of the festival team. Do not wear your lanyard when you are not on duty.
  6. Refer media questions to festival staff.
  7. Make arrangements for child care while you are on duty.*
  8. Arrive on time (a touch early is preferred!) for assigned shifts.
  9. Know what’s expected of you and do your job to the best of your ability.
  10. Please do not eat while on duty. Ensure you eat before your shift.
  11. Please do not attend demos or music while on duty.
  12. Do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty. There shall be no use/consumption of alcohol or illegal substances by any volunteer who is on duty on the festival site. As ambassadors of the festival, volunteers are also expected to act responsibly and respectfully when off duty and on site.
  13. Behave in a friendly and courteous manner – treat other volunteers, teacher, staff and audience with respect and a helpful attitude.
  14. Be a team player – focus on the tasks at hand and on achieving your crew’s goals.
  15. Make sure you have contact info for your Crew Coordinator. Crew Coordinators, ensure you have contact info for each crew member, and other Coordinators.
  16. Contact your Crew Coordinator if you have a serious problem or concern. Contact the Volunteer
  17. Coordinator if you are unable to resolve the problem. Crew Coordinators can contact us.
  18. Please remember you are part of a team. Working together in a helpful, respectful and cheerful manner will help create positive memories not only for you, co- volunteers and staff, but for the public and the teachers as well – without whom there would be no festival!

* Children 12 and under may attend the festival free of charge, with a ticket-holding adult parent or guardian, but childcare arrangements must be made whilst parents are working volunteer shifts.

Youth 13-14 must have a youth ticket.

Youth 15-17 may apply as a Youth Volunteer or must have a youth ticket.

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