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Welcome!  Thanks for your interest in the DIY Homesteader Festival Market. Please read ALL of the below information before moving through the application process.


From the DIY Homesteader Festival team…

We are head over heels for hand-crafted, home grown goodness! Part of our mission is to extend a consciousness for our earth and support for our local artisans, farmers, and producers into all reaches of the festival. That means doing our best to connect our fest-goers with the farmers, producers, artisans and crafters within Manitoba who can provide them the support – and products – they need to take the first step. Thanks for applying!


If you have any questions please email anytime.


Read Before Applying:

Please read the information below before continuing on to the application.



You will be notified regarding whether or not you receive a space shortly after applying. Thank you!

  • Saturday, August 10, 8am – 5:30pm
  • Sunday, August 11, 8am – 5:30pm
  • DIY Homesteader Festival at Cityfolk Farm, near Thalberg, MB. View map.
  • We are expecting 300-400 people each day.
  • This year’s market will have FREE ADMISSION for the general public.
  • 7am – 7:50am: Set Up – Please do not be late.

Tables need to be set up by 7:50am. People will start arriving then, and workshops do not start immediately. The morning is a prime time, and also we want to be fair to other vendors — and to shoppers —and have a fully set up market when the fest starts.Vendors are expected to remain for the entire day. Early tear-down is not permitted.

If you are staying for both days, you may choose to leave everything set up overnight. We will close up the tent, to ensure no one enters the market tent. We are not responsible for lost or damaged goods left in the market tent overnight.

If you do not show up, you will not receive a refund. 




For hand-made, farm-grown or produced goods, and small start-up type local businesses

Fee Includes:

  • Promotion of you and your products by the DIY Homesteader Festival – we will do our best to inform festival-goers of the amazing goods available to them at the Market via our website, social media channels, and newsletter.
  • An outdoor space in our market area
  • General Entry to the festival grounds (not including workshops).
  • Does not include a table or chairs.

TRADE SHOW: $80/day

For businesses with products or services for the modern homesteader. The product or service must be highly relevant to our audience. Examples: solar arrays, garden centre goods, small farm tools, tiny homes, etc.

Fee Includes:

  • Larger space outdoors on the festival grounds. Size dependant on individual requirements.
  • Promotion of you and your products by the DIY Homesteader Festival – we will do our best to inform festival-goers of the amazing goods available to them at the Market.
  • General Entry to the festival grounds (not including workshops).
  • Does not include table, chairs, or tent.
  • Please let us know in the application how much space you require and a general description of your set up.

Want to Attend Festival Workshops?

  • Access to festival workshops –  If you would like to attend workshops throughout the day, you are welcome to purchase a workshop ticket for any workshop you wish to attend. The same applies to anyone you bring with you to help at your General Store Market table (which should be no more than one extra person, thank you).
  • You (and your one helper) will not need an Entrance Ticket to get onto the Festival grounds.
  • You must have one person attending your table at all times during festival hours and remain set up for the duration of the event.




  • Your product is farm-grown, or produced / hand-crafted by you. (In the case of trade show spaces, the product or service must be highly relevant to our audience).
  • We will only select one or two applicants selling the same type of product (for example 1 or 2 soap-makers).
  • We will be looking for homestead-related products and foods that are within a range of price points and a high quality.
  • The process of selection will be done by a team, aiming to include vendors who are suitable for a homesteading event.
  • We do not accept direct-marketing companies such as Norwex.



  • You can submit up to 4 — and no fewer than 2 — of your best photos.
  • Please submit single-photo images, not photo collages.
  • Photos from accepted vendors will be put on the festival website – we will not be posting collage photos.


Inside the Market

  • All vendors will be in a large event tent.
  • You’ll be able to drive right up to the tent to unload, then move your car to a designated parking area.
  • Cell coverage in the area is pretty good, but could be overloaded with the high volume of cell use on site. You can bring an iPhone + Square credit card reader, but don’t rely on them. Bring lots of float. The nearest bank machine is 20-25 minutes away.
  • There is no electricity available. If you do bring a phone, an extra battery pack might be a good idea.
  • Your display can be no taller than 10 feet high.
  • There is no wall space in the tent. Nothing can be fastened, stapled, pinned or taped to the tent walls.
  • Spaces will be chosen by you on a first come, first served basis. Please check in with one of our General Store Market volunteers when you arrive – they will check you off the list, and show you which spaces are still available.


Connect with us!

Thank you again for your interest in being a part of the DIY Homesteader Festival’s General Store Market!


Kris & Mike
DIY Homesteader Festival Co-Founders


Once you’ve read this ENTIRE page, and clicked the agree box, you have completed Step 1 of the application process. This serves as our agreement that you understand the guidelines, payments, will show up on time and remain for the entire day.

Step 2: Fill out the application below. This will also register you for an account on the DIY Homesteader Festival site, so that you can submit photos.

Reminder: photos should be SINGLE-PHOTO IMAGES, not collages.

By applying, you’ll be added to our email newsletter so you can get important updates from our Market team. You can unsubscribe at any time.



If you already have an account on this website, you will not be able to fill out the form below. Please email us and tell us your username and that you want to sign up for the market. We will then make it so that this form shows up on your Account page.

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