A bit about us...


The DIY Homesteader Festival, brought to life in 2013 over a sink of sudsy dish-water, is a one-of-a-kind Manitoban event, that offers people a fun, and connected way to learn important skills they can bring into their modern life. The festival started with the hope that, given the right environment, people would want to take the leap to learn these once common skills – from food preservation to raising chickens to herbal medicine.

Now, it’s become so much more. It’s a community. It’s a place for folks to come out, year-round, to experience nature and spend time connecting with a like-minded folks – and to let their inner homesteader shine.


Who are the crazy folks behind this thing?


Kris Antonius and Mike Berg, together with festival co-founders Adrienne & Trevor Percy (now whipping up goodness in Saskatoon), wondered what their dream festival would be like. And then they created the best little homesteading event on the prairies. Mike and Kris have a strong desire to preserve and share the skills that sustained past generations and made our communities strong and vibrant. Two city kids, with passions at odds – one a computer whiz, the other a teacher-plant-lover – but both, deeply in love with nature and each other. Sometimes they call the ground the floor… ‘cause they’re city folk by nature. But, they are on this journey of learning, teaching and connecting, because they are nature folk at heart.