2019 Ticket Pricing Preview

Know what’s awesome about doing an event multiple times? Among other things, the ability to make it better and better every single time. Here are some scenarios we’ve run into that motivated some changes to 2019 ticketing and our move to TWO days:

  • Single parents (or parents attending solo with children) who struggled to balance time at workshops with being at the DIY Kids’ Area (or elsewhere on the grounds) with their kids – yet had to pay $80+ to do so.
  • Parents with children and a partner, grandparent, or friend to watch their children. Their caregivers paid $80+ for a ticket, even though they weren’t attending workshops.
  • Large families who wanted to attend together (which we love!), but tickets for the whole family were prohibitive – 2 adult tickets, plus perhaps a teen ticket or two would add up.
  • Individuals who wanted to come more for the good vibes, to connect with like-minded folks, check out the event maybe for the first time, or were only interested in one or two topics – yet had to pay $80+ to attend.
  • Folks who wanted to attend but didn’t have the funds to make an $80 ticket happen at this time.
  • Many attendees asked for more free time to check out demos and music, build community and spend time in nature.

Are you picking up what we’re throwing down here? See a trend?

While the majority of fest-goers told us that the value in the event matched or exceeded the ticket price, we ran into a handful of scenarios where people wanted to attend but the one $80+ ticket option didn’t really match their needs.
Our solution? A step toward inclusivity and accessibility. For various family, financial, and life situations. A nod to parents, just like us, who want to expose their kids to important ideas and a vibrant community – but also honour their own learning as adults and mind their bank accounts. A restructuring of our ticketing!
For 2019, you will be able to:
• Bring your kids and spend the day on the fest grounds, hang at the DIY Kids’ Tent, take in free demos, listen to the live music, head to the General Store Market, and access awesome local food vendors. For $30 per adult*. (Kids 12 & under free, teens half price!)
• Bring your partner, parent, or friend to help with your kids. You get on the festival grounds and enjoy all of the above for $30 each*. 
• On a limited budget? Come to the fest simply to check out the vibe, connect with like-minded folks, shop the market and food vendors, and catch the live music. For $30*. If you are on more than a limited budget and qualify for low-income programming, please see below for information on our Grassroots Passes.
*Does not include workshops. See below!
Note: Heaps more info to come, including finer details and the ticket sales launch date.

Adult Single Day Ticket

  • Access to festival grounds for Saturday or Sunday
  • A day at Cityfolk Farm

Adult Weekend Ticket

Save $10
  • Access to festival grounds for Saturday and Sunday
  • A weekend at Cityfolk Farm

Teen (13-18) Single Day Ticket

  • Access to festival grounds for Saturday or Sunday
  • A day at Cityfolk Farm

Teen (13-18) Weekend Ticket

Save $5
  • Access to festival grounds for Saturday and Sunday
  • A weekend at Cityfolk Farm


Kids 0-12 | Must be with paying parent or guardian
  • Access to festival grounds for Saturday and Sunday
  • A day at Cityfolk Farm

All ticket levels include access to:

  • Live music
  • DIY Kids’ Tent
  • DIY Demos
  • General Store Market
  • Food Trucks

Workshops are now à la carte

Choose from an à la carte menu of workshops and pricing so that you can plan your festival weekend to suit your interests and finances. This model frees up more time for enjoying the farm, meeting new people, checking out demos and live music, and connecting with makers and producers in the General Store Market. It also allows you to focus on the learning that matters most to you.


Poplar & Pine Campground

Extend your fun – camp out at the farm!

We’ve been busy creating the Poplar & Pine Campground for you. It’s a gorgeous space nestled into a 4-acre pine forest, next to Festival Field.

Walk-in tent sites, camper/RV, and car-camping sites – all non-serviced – will be available. More details to come.

We’ll also be offering a handful only of luxury, set-up-for-you bell-tent campsites so you can simply show up and fest. Space is limited; plan ahead and book your site early!

Note: We’re also looking for the perfect Campground Crew to help make sure everyone’s experience is amazing. Get in touch for volunteer opportunities!

Preview the campsite

Grassroots Grants

Be the change...

Change grows from the ground up. Through meaningful education. Through hands taking action. Like grass roots, the movement will spread!

You can add $5, $10, or more to your ticket to go toward our Grassroots program:

50% – Grassroots Pass – Waived entry ($30) & $50 workshop grant. For low-income attendees. Details to come.

50% – Grassroots Grants – $500 grants to help fund homesteading projects in Manitoba. Details to come.

This year, we want to fund one urban AND one rural project, and provide 20 Grassroots Passes  – so come on folks! Let’s do this thing, raise $2000, and watch it grow year after year.

Why wait? Contribute now!

Fest Merch

Totes, tees & more!

TEES  + TOTES: Add a t-shirt or tote to your order; pick it up on fest day. This design features an illustration of many of our fest topics so far. Front-only design. Both tees & totes are printed at a locally owned print-shop in Winnipeg.  

GO GREEN: We’re putting our heads together with Fullerton Plain Goods to come up with ways to make the fest its eco-best. We’ve already banned single-use plastic water bottles, provide compost & recycling bins,  composting toilets, water refill stations, paper wristbands, and e-ticket options. We hope to move toward going single-serve-drink-container-free with stainless steel cups that you can take to vendors throughout the fest. Stay tuned for details.

Check them out


We’re hesitant to say anything at this point, as childcare is NOT a given for the 2019 fest. However, it is a given at some point, and we have given the ball a nudge. Plus, we know that once we say it, we’re more likely to get it done.  And, get more ideas and inspiration going. We feel it’s important to support parents in this way – and, we want to make sure to do so in the safest, most organized way possible – not just throw it in the mix all willy nilly. If this happens for 2019, it’ll likely be limited – something like one 2 hour session per family per day. If you have any input here, we are all ears!