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    The DIY Homesteader Festival is a one-of-a-kind boutique style event, in Manitoba, that offers people a fun and warm way to learn important skills they can bring into their modern life. The festival started with the hope that, given the right environment, people would want to take the leap to learn these once common skills – from food preservation to raising chickens. Now, it’s become so much more. In the first year it was clear it was a place for folks to come out and spend the day connecting with a like-minded community – and to let their inner homesteader shine. The festival objective is simple: to connect Manitobans with the skills they need to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and to bring them together with the farmers, producers, artisans and crafters who can provide them with the support they need to take the first step…




    fest founders

    Trevor and Adrienne Percy, Kris Antonius, and Mike Berg are connected in that they each have the heart of a homesteader. They combine the sensibilities of modern life with a strong desire to preserve and share the skills that sustained past generations and made our communities strong and vibrant. Kris is the purveyor of Tiny Peasant – a blog and shop dedicated to holistic and nature based learning for families. Adrienne is the founder of Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen – North America’s first online teacher training for traditional food skills. Mike runs a boutique game design firm called We Heart Games, and along with Kris, owns Cityfolk Creative (the design force behind the Fest). Trevor (along with Adrienne and their children) steward 320 acres at Nourished Roots farm where they reside year round and host classes and re-skilling workshops.